Mounting Virtualbox Shared Folders in Linux

Shared folders are pretty easy to access. It turns out that is also pretty easy to do under Linux as well.

  1. sudo mount -t vboxsf -o umask=000 sharename /path/to/mount/point

The only catch is that you need to create the mount point first, just like most other file systems.

How to Change the UUID of a VirtualBox .vdi

I was trying to restore a .vdi disk image that had been manually backed up (i.e. copied). The problem when trying to add this copied disk image to a VM is that the UUID conflicted with a virtual disk that already existed.

The easiest solution is to change the UUID of the either disk image. The following command worked for me. Note the "/" in the path, I was using a Linux laptop so for a Windows based system you should use "\" in the path instead.

  1. VBoxManage internalcommands sethduuid /path/to/diskimage.vdi

How to use any MAC address on a VMWare ESX/ESXi guest.

We have a software license that was tied to a particular MAC address. When we virtualized this machine, the license was no longer working as the MAC address had changed.

If you go in to the properties for the network adapter with the VMWare Infrastructure Client, you will see that you are limited to a range of MAC addresses (essentially you cannot change the vendor portion of the MAC).

Apparently there is no way to put any arbitrary MAC address and unbelievably this is an intended behavior.

First I set the MAC address to be manually specified in the range allowed. Then I enable the "Tech Support Mode" and enable ssh support. I then use an ssh client to connect to the VMWare server, I then navigate to the folder containing the guest VM, and I edit the .vmx file associated with it as ESXi conveniently provides the vi text editor. The value you want to change is called ethernet0.address although the number will be different if the guest has multiple Ethernet adapters.

Simply type in the desired MAC address and then save the file. When you boot up the guest you should be able to verify that the MAC address has indeed been changed.

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