Drunken Chicken

A friend gave me this amusing recipe, called “the Drunken Chicken”.

Take one rinsed and cleaned 3.5 lb. chicken and leave it out to dry, then dampen with a towel.

Next rub Vietnamese 5 spice all over it.

Make a mixture of: smashed garlic, coriander, vegetable oil, and 5 spice.

Spread inside chicken cavity, then very carefully rub it under the skin, directly on to the breast.

Open a can of beer (he suggested that we use Tiger Beer since this is an Asian recipe), then violate the chicken with the beer can (yes you read that right).

The chicken should be placed upright on a pie plate on the BBQ.

If using a gas BBQ then it should be cooked on low, with a charcoal BBQ wait until the briquettes are nice and hot (they should be gray).

Let this cook for about an hour.

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